uk bikelife family

right lets get one thing straight. ukbikelife is not a gang ,so what are we who are we .what are we about , uk bikelife is a family  of riders who just love to ride . and exspress our selves through our riding mostly dirt bikes quads  mopeds scooters superbikes.  uk bikelife is open to anyone and everyone who loves to ride .and if you have seen the videos  our riders are  from all  ethnic back grounds  black white mixed race, so it dosent matter what color you are how old you are , if your a rider your a rider and you welcome to be part of our bikelife family. uk bikelife dose not condone or support any kind of violence.  wheels up knives down.


6 thoughts on “uk bikelife family

  1. just seen the tv show,top job,feel like theres still a chance ,made me feel proud to enjoy quick bikes,it’s a talent,the establishment dont know how to control it,they dont have to,provide a space AND nuture it !! consider if the s-it hits the fan,and we need to move around real quick,who’s going to be able to move around and get thru? competent bikers no question,dont push them out,think about it,theres plenty of space.same mistake was made with minimotos ,could have been a real positive movement,leading to better drivers/bikers-killed off ,wtf

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